Accio Free-Standing Luxury Solid Surface Modern Bathtub

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Accio Free-Standing Luxury Solid Surface Modern Bathtub

Accio Free-Standing Luxury Solid Surface Modern Bathtub

Accio Free-Standing Luxury Solid Surface Modern Bathtub(1)

The Accio modern bathtub is a artificial stone, luxury bathtub with a polished satin matte finish incorporating romantic elements with modern flare.

Usually, bathtubs are hollow and made of fiberglass.  However, our Accio free-standing luxury solid surface modern bathtub is made of crushed stone mixed with molecular compounds and advanced composite materials. It allows you to enjoy the hypo-allergenic properties artificial stone provides.

This graceful one piece freestanding bathtub reinforces its appealing design as an exciting staple in any Modern Bathroom décor without compromising the relaxing look or feel of sheer classical elegance.  The neo classical curvaceous, freestanding bathtub design will invoke a feeling of absolute luxury while offering a silky velvet touch enabling the clean sleek lines of modern bathroom design to flourish in any modern bathroom décor plan.

  • Size:  70.9″x35.4″x19.7″ or custom size
  • Weight: 422 lbs
  • Water Capicity: 103 Gallons
  • Material: Optional, Pure Acrylic Solid Surface, Composite Acrylic Solid Surface, or Artificial Quartz
  • Color: White or custom color. It is available in any color. Go to download our regular color chart now.
  • Brand: TW or OEM
  • OEM Service: Available
  • ODM Service: Available

  • The material is non-toxic, inodorous and non-radiative, safe for skin contact.
  • This Accio Free-Standing Luxury Solid Surface Modern Bathtub is non porous. Stains will not seep into the surface.
  • Surface stains on the bathtub surface can be easily wiped away with soap and water or buffed away for good, no special cleaner required.
  • It is heat resistant. Minor heat damage usually can be buffed away. More severe heat damage can be inconspicuously repaired, too.
  • It can be installed with no visible seams, leaving no caulk to maintain, no crevices for bacteria to breed, and no chance for the sink to sag over time.
  • It is renewable and repairable, even from severe damage.
  • The color of this bathtub can last 10+ years.
  • It is more economical than granite or quartz after the edge profile and cutouts are figured in.
  • It comes with a 10-year warranty, much longer than granite or quartz.
  • Its weight is lighter than natural stone bathtub.
  • It looks cool but feels warm and comformable.

  • Package: To make sure that this Accio Free-Standing Luxury Solid Surface Modern Bathtub arrives at your door safely, it will be packed with plastic poaman plywood case.  Our package proves to be well suited for long distance shipments. We can also pack it as required if you have a better idea.
  • Shipping: Ocean Freight

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