When was your company founded? By who?

Tell World Solid Surface Co. Ltd was founded on September, 2010 by Wang Jun. He purchsed an factory which had been producing solid surface furnitures for local market since 1998. The new company was aimed to meet the growing need of solid surface furnitures on oversea markets, such as North America, Western Europe and Middle East.

Where is you factory?

Our factory is located in 4th Building Rijing Industrial Park,No 36 Shakeng Road, Biling Area, Pingshan New District, ShenZhen City, Guangdong Province, China

What’s the area of your factory?

2500 ㎡

Where is your office?

Building B 5F Busha Road No.59 longgang District Shenzhen City, Guangdong Province, China

How many people are working in your company?

32 people in total. There are 18 staffs in the Production Department, 3 staffs in Design Department, 9 staffs in the Sales Department and 2 staffs in the Administrative Department.

What do you produce?

We produce all kinds of stuffs which are made of solid surfaces (artificial stones). They are bar counters, kitchen countertops, bathroom countertops, reception desks, washbasins, hand basins, dining tables, conference tables, coffee tables, tea tables and other special-shaped decorations.

What’s your production capacity?

1 bar counter in 10 – 15 days,
1 reception table in 10 – 15 days,
100m of kitchen or bathroom countertop per day,
50 hand basins per day,
200 pieces of solid surface boards in 7 days,
100 pieces of dinning tables in 7 days (The time span includes the production of boards. If boards are ready to use, 100 pieces can be finished in 2 days).
Note: The production time spans listed above are only for your reference. They are affected by factors like schedule of our factory, purchasing of accessories and peak season.

What is solid surface?

Solid surface is a man-made material, usually composed of marble dust, bauxite, acrylic or polyester resins and pigments. It is most frequently used for seamless countertop installations.
It is also called artificial stone, acrylic stone.

Why do we use artificial stone?

1. Artificial stone is easy to clean and maintain.
Compared with wood, artificial stone is waterproof and more durable.
2. Artificial stone is available in many colors.
3. Artificial stone can be shaped to any pattern.
4. Artificial stone can be renovated and refurbished easily.
5. Artificial stone boards can join seamlessly.
6. Artificial stone touches warmer than natural stone.
7. Artificial stone non-toxic and eco-friendly.

What are the standard sizes of solid surface boards?

There are there standard sizes guided by the government:
1. 2440mm X 760mm X 12mm
2. 2440mm X 760mm X 6.0mm
3. 3050mm X 760mm X 12.0mm

May I order a custom size of solid surface boards?

Yes. The maximum custom size is 3660mm X 900mm X 30MM.

Are all the solid surface boards the same?

No. They are divided in to three types: pure acrylic board, compound acrylic board and resin board.

What’s differences of these three types of solid surface boards?

Their ingredients are different. More percentage of MMA means better quality and higher price.



MMA(acrylic) Trihydrate Aluminum (ATH) UPR Natural Color Pigment Accelerate
Pure Acrylic Board 40-45% 50-55% 3% 2%
Compound Ccrylic Board 5-15% 50-55% UPR 30%-40% 3% 2%
Resin Board 50-55% 40-45% 3% 2%

What are the characteristics of these three types of solid surface boards?

Pure acrylic board can be heated and bended easily. Any pattern can be formed.
Compound acrylic board can be heated and bended within 20 degrees, but it’s not suggested.
Resin board can’t be heated and bended.
By quality, hardness, durability and price, pure acrylic board > compound acrylic board > resin board.
Some supplier offers a kind of board, which is composed of calcium powder and ordinary resin. It looks like solid surface but it’s actually a fake and inferior product in this industry.

May I use solid surface outdoor?

Generally, solid surface is for indoor use. Dupon and Staron make the best acrylic boards. Products made of their boards can be put outdoor but it’s not recommended. Other pure acrylic boards in good quality can also be applied in outdoor project. Other solid surface material will be fade in color if used outdoor.

How are solid surface boards packed?

All the solid surface boards of Tell World will be packed with protective film, wooden frame and steel belt.

What’s the minium order quantity of your solid surface boards?

20 pieces in one color.

What’s the weight of a piece of your solid surface board?

1. 2440mm X 760mm X 12mm, 46kg/pc
2. 2440mm X 760mm X 6.0mm, 23kg/pc
3. 3050mm X 760mm X 12.0mm, 58kg/pc
If weighed by volume, pure acrylic board is 2100kg/m³; compound acrylic board is 2300kg/m³.

What types of tables does Tell World produce?

We produce any kind of table which is made or partly made of solid surface, such as conference tables, dining tables, reception countertops and writing desks.

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